From the University of Mississippi News Archives:

MRA Search Ed McAlexanderEd McAlexander is like a lot of other Ole Miss graduate students. He’s polite, easygoing, and can’t wait to finish school. But he’s also a little different: Over the past 18 months, he’s raised more than $100,000 for the University.

He’s one of about two dozen students who work at the University Phone Center. Each evening the students call alumni to solicit private donations, and over the past two years, they’ve raised more than $1 million.

“These students have reached levels of returns on these calls that are beyond any reasonable expectation,” said Chancellor Robert Khayat. “The result will be that we will be a better, stronger university.”

The students work four nights a week during the summer and five nights a week during the school year. In June and July, they collected more than $85,000 for the University. McAlexander, who worked his last shift in July, is the first of the group to collect more than $100,000. ”

For one caller to generate in excess of $100,000 is truly extraordinary,” Khayat said.

The chancellor surprised McAlexander with a visit at the Phone Center on one of his last nights. He presented McAlexander an award for his service to the University and told the workers that McAlexander will soon have his name placed on a brick in the new Walk of Champions in The Grove.

“It was a pleasant surprise,” McAlexander said of the chancellor’s visit. “It’s kind of sentimental. I’m going to miss Oxford.”